Batch Ad Creation

Through AdRachel, batch create hundreds of ads with just a few clicks and upload them all at once.

Precise Targeting

Add or filter parameters to precisely target your desired audience. Optimize to cost-effectively spend your budget.


Take advantage of big data and mathematical modeling to see recommended audience, pricing, and more.

Goal-oriented Campaigns

Whether it's to lower your CPI or increase conversion, AdRachel will optimize toward your goal to get the return you want.

Powerful Analytics

Understand your metrics to make informed decisions to optimize and boost revenue.

Deeper Insights

Know your target audience. See their age, location, interests and more and find your most valuable traffic source.

Performance Tracking

Track every ad down to statistics like retention and pay rate. Get feedback and optimize.

Customized Package

Our account managers will work with you to customize a service package just for you.

Tutorial Videos

How To Batch Create Campaigns

How To Use Optimization Rule

Powerful Analytics

Efficient Ads Creation

Audience A/B Testing

Testing your ideas and splitting your audience are never this easy. To find the most effective audiences for your ads, we help you split your audience in multiple segments based on any targeting criteria.

Ads A/B Testing

AdRachel allows you to add and test all sorts of ad types including single images ads, Carousel, Video ads etc.

Also, you can batch create your adcreatives, which is easier for you to find out which combination of text and image works the best.

Batch Rename Your Ads

AdRachel allows you to rename your ads in your own way. It’s easier for you to understand your audience just by looking at your ad name.


Optimization Rule

Set rules for your campaigns based on certain criterias being met.

You can pause ads, increase/decrease budget or bids.


Your URL Builder

Build your tracking parameter in your own way and the tool will automatically add tracking URLs to each of your ads. You can build URLs based on Google Analytics standard tracking or you can create custom tracking URL's using campaign, ad set and ad variables.


Graphical Reporting

Get a quick overview of your multiple campaigns‘ performance and identify winning and losing marketing messages and target audience combinations.

You can also customize your reporting dashboard and move the most important data in front of you.

Scheduled Report

Customize your report and share it with your team daily.

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